TOP Countries for Watching Porn

Porn content is very popular today; a lot of people visit the platforms on an everyday basis and spend at least 5 minutes there. So in what country do the biggest porn fans live? How much time do they spend on watching videos for adults? And what are other interesting facts you may not know? Let us reveal all the secrets! According to the latest research carried out by a popular platform, it is residents of China who became the leaders of porn charts based on the time they spend on watching sex movies. On the contrary, the people of Egypt, Iraq, and Cuba spend less time on the platforms. For compiling the rating, only the duration of viewing videos on PornHub has been taken into account. The above information can be considered transparent and honest since this portal is considered one of the largest porn sites in the world, with its daily audience exceeding 20 million people. Interesting Facts Taken from Statistics Results According to research results, Chinese people watch porn for 14 minutes 34 seconds a day. Philippines, Nepal, and South Korea also hit the group of countries whose inhabitants spend a lot of time watching movies for […]