Robot Technology in Porn

Sex dolls have long been a special fetish in porn videos, and such movies where sex dolls are used have their own army of fans. Moreover, today sex dolls are made more and more realistic, they have pleasant skin, real hair, realistic organs and so on. Dolls are cheaper to use than humans, safer, and offers a new range of poses and options of interaction, although there are obviously some limitations. However, there is a new emerging trend in the industry of porn movies, and this trend makes sex dolls fans going crazy and excited. The new recent trend is using sex robots in porn movies. New Robotic Trend Sex robots already exist for some years, and are fully available on the market, well, one has to pre-order them, but still, it is totally possible to buy such a tool. Also, they cost something from 5 to 50 thousand US dollars, and their exploitation is limited by sound reasons, to keep the tool functional, and the user safe. The technology is in its infancy, and yet it had stepped far enough. Hundreds of people have already expressed interest and pre-ordered sex doll robots from few manufacturers who make those. The […]