TOP Countries for Watching Porn

Porn content is very popular today; a lot of people visit the platforms on an everyday basis and spend at least 5 minutes there. So in what country do the biggest porn fans live? How much time do they spend on watching videos for adults? And what are other interesting facts you may not know? Let us reveal all the secrets! According to the latest research carried out by a popular platform, it is residents of China who became the leaders of porn charts based on the time they spend on watching sex movies. On the contrary, the people of Egypt, Iraq, and Cuba spend less time on the platforms. For compiling the rating, only the duration of viewing videos on PornHub has been taken into account. The above information can be considered transparent and honest since this portal is considered one of the largest porn sites in the world, with its daily audience exceeding 20 million people. Interesting Facts Taken from Statistics Results According to research results, Chinese people watch porn for 14 minutes 34 seconds a day. Philippines, Nepal, and South Korea also hit the group of countries whose inhabitants spend a lot of time watching movies for […]

Robot Technology in Porn

Sex dolls have long been a special fetish in porn videos, and such movies where sex dolls are used have their own army of fans. Moreover, today sex dolls are made more and more realistic, they have pleasant skin, real hair, realistic organs and so on. Dolls are cheaper to use than humans, safer, and offers a new range of poses and options of interaction, although there are obviously some limitations. However, there is a new emerging trend in the industry of porn movies, and this trend makes sex dolls fans going crazy and excited. The new recent trend is using sex robots in porn movies. New Robotic Trend Sex robots already exist for some years, and are fully available on the market, well, one has to pre-order them, but still, it is totally possible to buy such a tool. Also, they cost something from 5 to 50 thousand US dollars, and their exploitation is limited by sound reasons, to keep the tool functional, and the user safe. The technology is in its infancy, and yet it had stepped far enough. Hundreds of people have already expressed interest and pre-ordered sex doll robots from few manufacturers who make those. The […]

Why Is High-Quality Porn Paid?

If you want to enjoy a high-quality product, then you will need to pay for it. Just like anything in life, quality things cost money; you will hardly get a good product free of charge. The same rule applies to porn movies. If you want to watch a really professionally shooted video content, then you will need to cover a paid subscription. The money is intended to cover the costs associated with video production. Reasons to pay for watching porn movies: to get access to high-quality content; to support the industry; to cover the expenses associated with video production. Of course, the production of porn is a really big and global industry. The time when porn producers earned really big money began in the late 1990s and ended by the beginning of the 2010s, with its peak being ​​in 2005–2007. In 2006, the annual money turnover in the global porn industry was about $96 billion (not much less than Hungary’s GDP of $114 billion, and almost two times more than Croatia’s GDP of $50.45 billion). For comparison, revenues of the global porn industry amounted to only about $ 2 billion in 2001. The Internet itself has greatly contributed to the […]

In Which Countries Is Porn Legalized?

The largest porn site in the world PornHub has published an infographic displaying how much time people spend on watching sex videos. Some numbers are really impressive! Thus, the Chinese turned out to be the leaders of the rating – they spend 14 minutes 34 seconds a day watching a live video for adults. Philippines, Nepal, South Korea, Niger, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Senegal, and Botswana also hit the group of countries whose residents spend the most time watching sex movies (from 13 to 15 minutes a day). There are a lot of legends about the flow of money in the pornography world. It is said that every second, people spend $3,000 on Internet porn or that the industry’s total income exceeds that of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Apple, and Netflix – all of the above. In 2015, CNBC reported that the annual turnover in the entertainment industry for adults was around $15 billion. Interesting Facts about Porn Pornography has become one of the main engines of progress in the early Internet era. It was the owners of paid porn sites who were among the first people to develop software for online payment by credit cards, which many […]

The Main Advantages of VR Porn

VR porn movies are an extremely popular trend right now. Virtual reality by itself became a boom in technology the moment it was announced as available for usage. In addition to numerous possibilities for technology and science, virtual reality became a feature for new trend on entertaining activities, like movies and games. The porn industry, in its turn, quickly became aware that virtual reality technology can be adapted to this industry’s own needs. Firstly, it is an important technological edge that will turn the attention of investors and potential collaborators to the industry. Secondly, it is an unexpected turn for the sex video fans, who are generally an audience hard to surprise. And thirdly, the first companies who manage to adapt the virtual reality technology to sex videos shooting successfully can expect a huge wave of faithful fans on their platforms. Obviously, access to 3D virtual reality porn costs much more than a usual website subscription. Porn companies were right. As soon as they managed to adapt VR shooting to their content, large amounts of users started buying year-long subscriptions to their platforms immediately, causing huge earnings. Some companies even announced a total change of strategy and focused solely on […]